Welding Portable Torch W/CYL. 0384-0944

Metal Power Welding Portable Torch W/CYL. 0384-0944

Gas Welding Outfit, Gas Service Acetylene, Oxygen, Cutting Attachment CA1350, Torch Handle 100FC, Pressure Regulator 150 Series Oxygen, 150 Series Acetylene, Series G150, Delivery Pressure Range 0-15 PSIG Acetylene, 0-60 PSIG Oxygen, Stages 1, Inlet Connection CGA-200, CGA-540, Outlet Connection CGA-200, Gauge Size 1-1/2 In., Max. Inlet Pressure 400-PSIG-Acetylene, 3000-PSIG-Oxygen, Supply Pressure Gauge 3000 psig, Head Angle 90 Degrees , Cuts Up To 1/2 In., Welds Up To 1/4 In.

Includes: Oxygen Cylinder, Acetylene Cylinder, Handle, Cutting Attachment, Cutting Tip, 0-W-J Nozzle, 2-W-J Nozzle, Oxygen Regulator, Fuel Regulator, 12.5 ft. Dual 3/16" Hose, Goggles, Check Valve, Striker, Tank Key