Regulator w/ Hose UL

Regulator w/ Hose UL

High quality UL approved regulator with hose 1PSI

Specifications: Product Length: 5 ft. (60 in.) Product weight: 1 lb. Inlet: 3/8 flare fitting male QCC (ACME)Outlet: 5/8 18 Unpressured: pressure 1 psi. Description: - Made to last with high quality materials- simple installation with no tools required. Made to fit QCC-type-1 connections - used for a variety of high-pressure propane gas appliances.

  • High quality UL approved regulator
  • Low Pressure 1PSI for inside house use
  • all the installation must be done by the certified person
  • supervise the leaking of gas all the time, if smell the gas, and shut off all the switch and call the certified person.
  • turn off the main switch on the gas tank after each time using, make sure no any gas left in the stove.