Open Front Toilet Seat with Cover, Plastic, Elongated, White

Open Front Toilet Seat with Cover, Plastic, Elongated, White
  • Open-front elongated seat?Open front seat creates a more comfortable toilet space for men. Also designed for women and hygiene, which is a great choice as a commercial toilet seat. If you live in a rental home or share toilet seats with others, opt for open toilet seats to make use of the toilet more comfortable and healthy
  • Soft close toilet seat? The plastic toilet seat closes slowly and quietly to eliminating slamming and damage. You can tap the elongated toilet seat cover down and walk away without fear that it slams shut. The slow close toilet seat will make your relationship with your roommate friendlier because there will be no noise to disturb others during the use
  • Perfect accessories?The standard toilet seat has two sets of attachment: Plastic nuts and screws; metal screws and rubber nuts. Thus you can install it from the bottom or top of the bowl. Choice the one you like and need. In addition, we also offer two rubber pads to protect the hinge
  • Hi-Q Material?Wssrogy toilet seat is made of white PP material with high strength and toughness, which is more durable than ordinary plastics. It won't yellow and fade, and it will remain the same as the new ones after a few years of use. The surface of the oval toilet seat is smooth and can effectively resist dirt. You only need to wipe it with a soft towel to keep the toilet lid bright and clean