1 OZ 3 in 1 Oil

1 OZ 3 in 1 Oil
SKU: WD-40M3

1 OZ 3 in 1 Oil  

3-IN-ONE is the perfect complement to your can of WD-40 to help you get tough jobs done right. 3-IN-ONE shares many of the same uses as WD-40, but gives you even more confidence to precisely apply the oil by using its no-mess drip spout. Below is a short list of the many jobs that 3-IN-ONE has helped thousands of professional tradesmen quickly, efficiently and masterfully accomplish:
Multi-Purpose 3oz Sm •Lubricate hinges to keep them from squeaking

•Loosen rusted nuts, bolts, and screws

•Lubricate stuck locks

•Prevent rust and corrosion

•Extend the life of hand and power tools

•Bicycle maintenance

•Maintain and lubricate garage door parts

•Keep drill bits and saw blades cool

•Lubricate wheel bearings

•Clean and lubricate trailer hitches

•Lubricate fan bearings

•Restore garden shears and snips

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