2-Pack 6-ft x 8-ft Green Standard Polyethylene Tarp

Our superior multi-purpose tarp is made of a polyethylene woven material which provides durability, is a long-lasting cover that is light weight and easy to handle. Includes built-in grommets which are very useful for tie-downs and are 3 ft. apart. Tarpaulins (tarps) have multiple uses such as construction, roof covering, agriculture, camping, boating, landscaping, outdoor furniture, equipment covering, cars, and so much more. Ideal applications are shelter from wind, rain or sunlight, ground covering, drop sheet for painting, woodpile coving and much much more.
  • Provides covering and protects from moisture and sunlight

  • Waterproof and UV protection

  • Made of polyethylene

  • PC grommets every 3 ft

  • Rust resistant grommets

  • Mildew proof

  • Reinforced edges

  • Eco-friendly product

  • This two piece set includes one 6 ft. x 8 ft. tarp and a 9 ft. x 12 ft. tarp