1040X Diablo Saw Blade

1040X Diablo Saw Blade

10 in. x 40-Tooth General Purpose Saw Blade

Made of durable TiCo high density carbide, the Diablo 10 in. x 40 Tooth Carbide Circular Saw Blade is designed to make sharp, accurate cuts. Its construction is long-lasting. The Perma-Shield non-stick coating protects the blade from heat, gumming and corrosion.

  • Model #┬áD1040X
  • Cuts wood accurately and quickly
  • Ti-Co high-density carbide designed for each application to increase performance and maximize cutting life
  • Laser cut thin kerf for fast, durable and clean cuts
  • Perma-Shield non-stick coating protects blade from heat, gumming and corrosion
  • Tri-Metal Brazing-Industrial process uses Silver - Copper - Silver alloy instead of single alloy brazing for the strongest joint between the tips and plate